World’s Sole Owner of TRIKLONE™ Now Supplying the Rubber, Adhesives, Caprolactam, Nylon 6 and F-Polymer industries

RUNCORN, England, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —
Vulcanising agents and splicing and…

RUNCORN, England, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Vulcanising agents and splicing and repair of conveyor-belts and tyres.
  • Glues and adhesives.
  • Feedstock for F-Polymers.
  • Intermediate for Chlorination Process in Caprolactam and Nylon 6 production.

Trichloroethylene (TCE) is now available from Banner Chemicals, a global supplier of chlorinated solvents, under brand name Triklone™ U.

The addition to high purity Triklone U Banner-Chemicals offer full range of ASTM Vapor-Degreasing Chlorinated Solvents of:

Triklone LE  ASTM D4080

Perklone™ MD  ASTM D4376

About high purity Triklone™ U:

  • Triklone U Caprolactam grade for and nylon 6 industry 
  • Triklone U Vulcanising agent for conveyor-belts and tyres repairs
  • Triklone U Adhesives for rubber industry
  • Triklone U Fluoropolymers (F-Polymer)
  • Triklone U Herbicides, and Pharmaceutical industries


Banner Chemicals exclusively supply all grades of METHYLENE CHLORIDE PRIME, PERKLONE and TRIKLONE brands, Including MEC Prime PHARMA, TRIKLONE U, TRIKLONE LE, PERKLONE MD, PERKLONE D  and PERKLONE EXT

PERKLONE, TRIKLONE, MEC Prime are registered trademarks supplied GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK 

  • All products are manufactured under ISO9001 from premium quality feedstocks and of 99.99% pure

About Banner Chemicals UK

Banner Chemicals is a 2M Holdings subsidiary, exporting to 90 countries and won the UK Queen’s Award for enterprise.

Dr. Maggie Kessler, Export Director of Banner Chemicals says:

«The additional of Triklone U (High- Purity Trichloroethylene) to our Aerospace military ASTM range of solvents gives Banner Chemicals a strong position in the chlorinated industry. This includes, Triklone U for: Caprolactam industry, Vulcanising and Adhesives industry (for rubber, tyres & and conveyor-belts).

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ATMS Metal Degreasing

Vapour Degreasers

PERKLONE & TRIKLONE Aerospace approved degreasers

PERKLONE & TRIKLONE Metal degreasing‎ / Metal cleaning grades

PERKLONE EXT Catalyst grade, Isomerization grade

PERKLONE D  Dry-cleaning

TRIKLONE U for: Caprolactam industry

TRIKLONE U for: Vulcanising and Adhesives industry

TRIKLONE U for: for rubber, tyres & and conveyor-belts

Contact: Dr. Maggie Kessler, telephone: +44-1928-597-000, email address:

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