Psychonautic Artist Makes Case for Voting Against Donald Trump to Protect our National Public Lands

SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Artist Dunc Hazard is actively making the Public Lands Case for voting Donald…

SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Artist Dunc Hazard is actively making the Public Lands Case for voting Donald Trump out of the White House on November 3rd. According to Dunc, «the Trump Administration has taken a multitude of unprecedented steps since 2017 which degrade and devalue our National Public Lands in the United States

A Montanan by birth, Dunc regularly travels throughout the Greater Pacific Northwest to hike the thousands of miles of publicly accessible trails, located on our collectively owned Public Lands in the United States. He later became compelled to speak out about the ongoing situation, after «the Trump Administration made it clear that endangering the future, and ultimately the values of our National Public Lands, was not going to be a problem for them.»

A first-time artist, Dunc has sought to capture 77 unique values of protecting publicly owned lands, with the release of his inaugural art project called «Take a Hike.» Using photography as the foundation for his creative process, Dunc’s principle objective has been to «share the multiple values of our Public Lands in the United States,» with his fellow American citizens.

Befittingly, all individual releases included within the «Take a Hike» Art Project have been inspired by one of 77, different and unique locations on U.S. Public Lands. The list of regions providing inspiration for Dunc’s artwork includes, but is not limited to: National Forests, National Wildlife Refuges, National Wild and Scenic Rivers, the National Wilderness Preservation System, National Monuments, and National Parks.

Dunc says, «I’ll be completing a hike at each of the 77 locations on our Public Lands, that inspired the artwork, before the conclusion of 2021.» He calls his planned hiking efforts in 2021, the «Take a Hike» Stewardship Project.

A further examination of the Public Lands Case for voting against Trump, in addition to the 77 individual values of Public Lands that Dunc envisioned with the release of his «Take a Hike» Art Project, can be viewed at

To learn more about Dunc’s hiking accomplishments, photography, public lands activism, stewardship objective initiatives, or the «Take a Hike» Stewardship Project, visit his blog at


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