Hongqi ‘S’ Series Poised To Capture Growing Demand For New Energy Sports Vehicles

Hongqi S9, First Model of the Hongqi ‘S’ Series, Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2021  SHANGHAI, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silk-FAW,…

Hongqi S9, First Model of the Hongqi ‘S’ Series, Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2021 

SHANGHAI, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silk-FAW, a joint venture (JV) between international automotive engineering and design company, Silk EV, and one of China’s largest automotive manufacturers, FAW, unveiled today the ultra-luxury hypercar, Hongqi S9, at Auto Shanghai 2021. The Hongqi S9 makes its debut as the first of Silk-FAW’s Hongqi ‘S’ series, designed by legendary car designer, Walter De Silva, Vice President of Styling and Design Silk-FAW. 

The Hongqi S9 is a unique intersection of ultra-luxury, high-performance sports vehicles and new energy vehicles, which are among the fastest growing segments in China and international markets. Representing an awakening of innovation between China and Italy, the Hongqi S9 brings forth the future of mobility and electrification technology.

Boasting a highly electrified V8 engine, the Hongqi S9 is a plug-in hybrid that is capable of zero emission driving. Leading with forward-thinking design, Hongqi S9 also features innovative carbon fiber air intakes which are seamlessly integrated into each headlight to conduct cooling air to the engine for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

«As a leading automotive brand founded in China, we have responsibility to drive collaboration and lead a new era of innovation for the China automotive industry. With the launch of the first model Hongqi S9, we are confident of the Hongqi success as a truly global brand, built for a discerning international audience,» says Chairman Xu Liuping of FAW Group.

«The debut of the first model from the Hongqi ‘S’ series is made possible through the collaboration of our highly-skilled team with world-class expertise from the Motor Valley of Italy, and the prestigious FAW Group. The Hongqi S9 combines a dynamic, sustainable and exclusive driving experience with the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation, delivering to China and the world the next generation of luxury new energy vehicles,» says Jonathan Krane, Chairman of Silk-FAW.

Silk-FAW will begin taking orders for the Hongqi S9 in 2021.

The New Language of Creativity

Breaking the mold of traditional high-end vehicles, the Hongqi S9 is luxury reimagined through a combination of technology and art by a world-leading team of creative innovators. At Auto Shanghai, Silk-FAW offered a preview of its technology and design elements led by Walter De Silva.

«The Hongqi S9 brings to life the dreams of those who design and drive it. With people who seek exclusivity in mind, my team and I designed this forward-thinking hypercar, linking functionality and aesthetics that looks toward the future», says Walter De Silva. «I wanted to pay tribute to China at Auto Shanghai by unveiling my design for the Hongqi S9 under the Hongqi ‘S’ Series, which represents an awakening of innovation from China and Italy

The Hongqi S9 pushes the limits of aerodynamics and architecture to create a hypercar beyond precedent. The sculptural lines and racy shape of the exterior are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, following the flow of air over the bodywork to achieve optimal aerodynamic efficiency. The strong and lightweight carbon fiber parts of the body further enhance performance, which is made visible by the solid red paintwork with exposed carbon fiber in functional parts. The Hongqi S9 also features smart electrochromic windows that vary in the tint intensity to improve energy consumption.

Reimagining elegance with the high-end features of the Hongqi ‘S’ series, the interior design philosophically mirrors the exterior by directing all the sensations and vibrations of the Hongqi S9 to the driver to enhance the driving experience and performance. The interior of the Hongqi S9 also provides maximum comfort. Luxury features include 3 screens: two screens for the driver and one for the passenger, a low speed ventilation humidifier-purifier system with sealed filtration, and interior lighting that can adjust for intensity and ambience.

From Cities to Racetracks

Every feature of the Hongqi S9 is designed for the pleasure of driving to guarantee the best performance and the best feeling for the driver.

With three driving modes that enhance performance and efficiency, the Hongqi S9 can automatically recognize the location of the driver and set up all the car systems from screens to powertrain to aerodynamics. 

The fully-electric mode is best-suited when driving in the city. Featuring the most compact light and efficient e-axle in the market designed and manufactured directly by Silk-FAW in the Motor Valley, the Hongqi S9 boasts a V8 engine that recharges the battery in a few seconds if the distance traveled is greater than 40 km. The Hongqi S9 also keeps best efficiency in mind when cruising down the highway. In this mode, the powertrain and aerodynamics will be set to continuously switch on and off ICE engine according to the driving style of the driver. With all the systems automatically set to guarantee the best experience for the driver, the Hongqi S9 is pure fun to drive on the racetrack.

The New Era of Elegance and Sustainable Mobility

Made possible through the collaboration of the highly-skilled, world-class expertise of the Motor Valley, and the prestigious FAW Group, the Hongqi S9 embodies a new cultural model that believes in the beauty of design and technology as the link between China and Italy.

The Hongqi S9 and the ‘S’ series models of fully electric vehicles will be produced in both the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy and Jilin Province in China. To leverage the strengths of each region, an Experience Centre, Production Centre and Innovation Center will be built in both Jilin and Emilia-Romagna, driving cutting-edge automotive, artificial intelligence, connectivity, innovative battery solutions, and IoT (Internet of Things) with Italy’s world-class design and engineering expertise.   

By bringing together Silk EV’s expertise in Italian and global automotive design and FAW’s established auto manufacturing excellence and its top Chinese luxury car brand, Hongqi, Silk-FAW will deliver to China and the world the next-generation of ultra-luxury new energy vehicles.

About Silk-FAW

Silk-FAW is a joint venture (JV) between international automotive engineering and design company, Silk EV, and one of China’s largest automotive manufacturers, First Automobile Works (FAW). Silk-FAW was formed to develop a series of ultra-luxury, high-performance, new energy sports vehicles for China and the global markets. The JV is the first investment between China and Italy in the super premium and premium auto segments and marks a major milestone under the Belt & Road initiative for China, Italy and the global automotive industry. Silk-FAW plans to launch the new fully electric and hybrid luxury models under the Hongqi ‘S’ series, which is well-positioned to capture the opportunities in the fastest-growing auto segments in the China and international markets.


China FAW Group Corporation («FAW» or the «Group»), formerly China First Automobile Works, was founded on July 15, 1953, when its first assembly plant was constructed. As one of China’s oldest and largest automotive manufacturers, FAW has more than 130,000 employees, registered capital of RMB 35.4 billion yuan, and total assets of RMB 457.8 billion yuan.

FAW’s manufacturing plants are located in northeastern China’s Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces, northern China’s Shandong province and Tianjin municipality, southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and Hainan province, and southwestern China’s Sichuan province and Yunnan province.

The Group owns the Hongqi, Bestune and Jiefang brands. In 2019, FAW delivered 3.5 million vehicles to customers. Group sales revenue in 2019 totaled RMB 620 billion yuan, while earnings amounted to RMB 44.1 billion yuan. In addition, the Group is 87th on the 2020 Fortune Global 500 list.

About Silk EV

Founded in 2018, SILK EV is an automotive engineering and design company headquartered in Emilia-Romagna, the Motor Valley of Italy, with additional operations in China and the United States.

Silk EV brings together the leading experts in Italian and global automotive design and engineering to build a global brand of new energy vehicles of world-class performance representing the pinnacle of technological innovation, connectivity, and design.

Silk EV’s joint venture with China’s FAW Group to produce the Hongqi ‘S’ series was officially launched in January 2021. The JV will be a unique opportunity for China and Italy to bring forth the future of mobility and electrification technology, thereby setting a new benchmark for the world and improving the global automobile ecosystem.

Silk EV is committed to a sustainable future globally and aims to build on the Motor Valley’s existing integrated ecosystem to create an electric vehicle platform in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and China.

About Hongqi

Hongqi is a high-end, luxury automobile brand directly operated by China FAW Group Corporation. Hongqi, meaning «red flag» in Chinese, has its vehicles used for parades at national celebrations and features symbolic importance in China’s auto industry. The first Hongqi car was made in 1958, making it the oldest Chinese passenger vehicle marque.

In January 2018, in a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People, China FAW announced its new Hongqi brand strategy to build the new Hongqi into a new high-end brand that will also be China’s first global brand.  In 2020, Hongqi sold more than 200,000 vehicles.

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