Dr. Oz Good Life™ Launches 18 Products to Help America Start Sleeping Better

LOGAN, Utah, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —
For the first time in his career,…

LOGAN, Utah, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —


For the first time in his career, Dr. Mehmet Oz is creating a complete line of sleep products. The goal? To bring science-based sleep solutions to every home in America.


«As a father of four, a surgeon, and a talk show host—I know about sleepless nights. I am excited to introduce a better way to sleep—with cutting-edge technology that’s proven to instantly stop snoring and relieve back pain.» —Dr. Mehmet Oz



Dr. Mehmet Oz is an accredited health expert, best-selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon best known for his award-winning daily network TV program «The Dr. Oz Show.»



Featuring cutting-edge sleep technology:


Anti-Snore Position: Participants in a third-party sleep study experienced the benefits of an adjustable base paired with the Oz Anti-Snore position. They had fewer awakenings during the night, they felt more rested in the morning, and their snoring was significantly reduced.


Dr. Oz Snore Detection: A patent-pending neural network detects snores and automatically adjusts your sleep position—without waking you—so you can keep sleeping and stop snoring.


Antibacterial SilverScience™ Technology: Our nano-silver treatment and microfine silver threads are woven into the entire line of sleep products. Together, they promise long-lasting antibacterial effects.


EngineeredDown™ Fill: Developed exclusively for Dr. Oz Good Life™ pillows and comforters, EngineeredDown™ fill feels like down but has no real feathers. It’s also temperature-neutral—perfect for hot sleepers.



Dr. Oz Good Life™ Sleep Products

Adjustable Bed Bases, starting at $799

  • Good Life™ Adjustable Base: head and foot incline, Oz Anti-Snore position, app
  • Good Life™ Adjustable Base Pro: dual-zone massage, underbed nightlight

Mattresses, starting at $429

  • Good Life™ Mattress: memory foam, fast response foam, silver-infused cover
  • Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro: 7 support zones made from encased coils

Sleep Systems, starting at $1,199

  • Good Life™ Mattress + Good Life™ Adjustable Base
  • Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro + Good Life™ Adjustable Base Pro

Toppers, starting at $109.99

  • Sleep All Day™ Topper: fast response foam, silver cover
  • Say Goodnight™ Topper: memory foam, cooling gel, silver cover
  • Straight to Sleep™ Topper: dual-sided memory foam and fast response foam, cooling gel, silver cover

Pillows, starting at $49.99

  • Say Goodnight™ Pillow: memory foam, cooling gel, silver cover
  • Say Goodnight™ Side Sleeper Pillow: ergonomically designed for side sleepers
  • Drift Off™ Pillow: dual sided, memory foam, EngineeredDown™ fill, silver cover
  • Sleeping with Clouds™ Pillow: premium down and feathers, silver cover
  • Stay in Bed™ Pillow: EngineeredDown™ fill, silver cover
  • Stay the Night™ Pillow: shredded memory foam, EngineeredDown™ fill, silver cover

Protectors, starting at $49.99

  • Safe in Bed™ Mattress Pad: EngineeredDown™ padding, waterproof, silver-infused
  • Safe in Bed™ Mattress Encasement Protector: 360-degree protection, silver-infused

Comforters, starting at $89.99

  • Sleeping with Clouds™ Comforter: premium down and feathers, silver-infused
  • Stay in Bed™ Comforter: EngineeredDown™ fill, silver-infused

Weighted Blankets, starting at $59.99

  • Center Yourself™ Weighted Blanket: dual-sided, TENCEL™ fabric, fleece, silver-infused


Dr. Mehmet Oz is an accredited health expert, best-selling author and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. Along with his multiple Daytime Emmy award-winning daily network TV program «The Dr. Oz Show,» Dr. Oz has 13 million followers on social media. Prior to the launch of his show 11 years ago, he served as a health expert on «The Oprah Winfrey Show,» sharing advice with viewers to help them live their best life from the inside out. He has co-authored eight books on The New York Times Best Sellers list including the «YOU: The Owner’s Manual» series and created Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine with the Hearst Corporation.  

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