CloudFrame Inc. and Fimatix U.K. Ltd. announce partnership to automate Mainframe COBOL to Cloud migrations in the United Kingdom

NEW YORK and LONDON, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CloudFrame Inc. (CloudFrame), an innovative, global mainframe modernization software products company,…

NEW YORK and LONDON, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CloudFrame Inc. (CloudFrame), an innovative, global mainframe modernization software products company, today announced a new partnership with Fimatix UK Ltd. (Fimatix), an industry leader and trusted advisor to the U.K. Financial Services industry and Government. The partnership expands CloudFrame’s presence in Europe and solidifies Fimatix’s unique position as a leading cloud migration and digital implementor across the United Kingdom.

CloudFrame offers the most automated COBOL to Java solution in the market today. Companies with millions of lines of decades-old legacy mainframe COBOL look to CloudFrame to accelerate their cloud migrations.  Excellent code quality makes applications easier and cheaper to maintain while enabling IT managers to be more responsive to business needs. CloudFrame shifts the cost/risk-to-value ratio towards a favorable business case for many legacy applications. As companies struggle to digitally transform IT processes, moving beyond COBOL has never been more urgent. CloudFrame provides the fastest approach with the least business risk and cost.

«Our goal is to help firms accelerate application modernization and cloud migrations by bringing leading-edge solutions that offer fresh approaches and value for our customers.» said Jeremy Renwick, Managing Director-Innovation at Fimatix. «This is a major forward-looking step for CloudFrame and Fimatix to solve a problem that almost all companies with a mainframe have.»

«This partnership represents a terrific opportunity for Fimatix and CloudFrame. Our offerings are extremely complimentary and are best-in-class in our target markets,» said Venkat Pillay, founder and CEO of CloudFrame. «Together, CloudFrame and Fimatix can provide impossibly fast time to market and ROI for our joint customers.»   

About CloudFrame

CloudFrame is a global mainframe modernization software product company providing innovative and automated solutions that accelerate application modernization and cloud migration projects. CloudFrame accelerates COBOL modernization being the only solution provider in the market converting COBOL to Java while ensuring 100% backward compatibility to existing mainframe data and integration points.

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About Fimatix UK Ltd.

Fimatix is a leading Digital Technology Services Consultancy.  We build banks and e-money fintech challengers from scratch and have been through the regulatory process with the FCA and PRA.  Fimatix also has extensive experience and expertise in transformation strategy, coaching, digital service design and agile delivery obtained within the UK Government’s world-leading digital transformation programs.

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